I’m excited to say that my novellette, Sweet Provence, is in the Love is Like a Box of Chocolates anthology, available now from Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Angus & Robertson and Mondadori.

  • "This a great story. Well written and worth reading."
    Zona, Amazon ★★★★★

If you like heartwarming reads, my novella, Unwrapping Her Heart, is in this gorgeous Christmas anthology.

Come for the holidays, stay for love.

  • "Unwrapping Her Heart by Marianne Bayliss: 10 stars!!!!
    This was beautiful!! Jake and Lexi are amazing. I got so wrapped up into it and was sad when it was over. This is the only one that gives you a HEA feeling rather than just a HFN."

    Carmen, Amazon ★★★★★ So sweet!!
  • "The writing will draw you in after only a few pages and have you finishing the book in one sitting. There is the perfect amount of angst and romance and grit to keep you hooked."
    Ashleigh, Goodreads ★★★★★
  • "Four great Christmas stories that I will be reading again."
    Barbara, Goodreads ★★★★★
  • "It’s hard to pick a favourite out of these four gorgeous Christmas novellas! They fit together so beautifully yet are all so different. I thoroughly enjoyed them all. Highly recommended for anybody who enjoys a sweet love story with a sprinkle of Christmas magic."
    Heidi Reads, Amazon ★★★★★
  • "These four novellas are the most charming of reads. Absolutely perfect to sit and enjoy in the lead up to Christmas."
    Malvina, Goodreads ★★★★★


Refuge for the Runaway Fiancée

Tessa McAuley had it all, or so she was (very insistently) supposed to think. Her shiny life included a mayor-to-be fiancé, money, a house and a very respectable social standing, but Tessa was missing something… herself.

June, once Tessa’s neighbour (and a woman who fled the ‘perfect’ life many years ago), lives with Matthew Beaumont as his housekeeper. Her understanding of Tessa’s turmoil and, more importantly, her residence being 4000km from Tessa’s life makes June the ideal destination for Tessa’s sudden escape. June, however, possesses secrets of her own that will hurt the one she loves the most.

Matthew Beaumont, handsomely handsome builder-come-artist, depends on June as his closest and longest-standing friend and confidante. Having been searching for his biological family throughout his adult life, Matthew would never understand the choice to leave everything that Tessa evidently has.

The undeniable and irresistible chemistry between Tessa and Matthew has not gone unnoticed, with their first kiss winning 3rd place in the RWA First Kiss Competition in 2016.

‘Refuge for the Runaway Fiancée’ is on track to be pitched to publishers mid-2018.

Work in Progress

Sara and Tom shared one unforgettable night together. It was one of those nights where nothing happens yet everything happens. Where conversation and laughter last from dusk to dawn and you fall in love as naturally as you smile.

The reveal that not only was Tom dating Sara’s sister Courtney, but that Courtney was pregnant saw Tom and Sara decide to do what’s right and put aside their feelings for each other.

Years later, with the pair having only seen each other a handful of times, Courtney dies, leaving Tom alone with their inconsolable toddler. Sara’s presence is the only thing that will soothe little Emma, but how can Sara and Tom reconcile when Tom is wracked with guilt and Sara is tormented by Courtney’s last words to her “I never want to see you near me or my family again.”?